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Geothermal loop types

We have the expertise to install the best type of earth loop to use in any situation. The type of loop used is based on available land space and installation costs for specific areas.

Geothermie verticale

Vertical loop

Vertical loop are used when space is limited. Holes are bored using a drilling rig, and a pair of pipes with special u-bend fittings is inserted into the holes. A typical home requires three to five bores with about a 15-foot separation between the holes.



Géothermie horizontale

Horizontal loop

Used where adequate land is available, horizontal loops involve one or more trenches that are dug using a backhoe or chain trencher. Polyethylene pipes are inserted, and the trenches are backfilled. A typical home requires ¼ or ¾ of an acre for the trenches.


Geothermie verticale

Pond loop

If an adequately sized body of water is close to your home, a pond loop can be installed. A series of closed loops can be coiled and sunk to the bottom. A ½ acre, 8-foot-deep pond is usually sufficient for the average home.



Geothermie verticale

Open loop

An open loop is used where there is an abundant supply of quality well water. The well must have enough capacity to provide adequate flow for both domestic use and the geothermal system unit. The system units require 3-10 GPM, depending on size


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