Geothermal energy it's for life !

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With nearly 25 years in business at the same location, our company’s growth required us to rebuild on a larger site with a building more suited to our current and future needs.

Since the building has a surface area of 11,000 square feet and an interior height of 20 feet, I chose geothermal energy for two reasons: the first and most important for me is its environmental benefits. Drawn from the ground, it is an unlimited, efficient and sustainable heat source that is 100 percent eco-friendly – hence our slogan, "Geothermal energy, it’s for life!"

It is an investment in the future and for the generations that will follow. Our children will be proud of this legacy since they are the ones who will face the challenge of healing our planet.

The second is its economic benefit in that the wells, trenches, piping, and all buried materials will be operational for the life span of the building – giving it added value and a resale advantage.

The most tangible benefit of geothermal systems is no doubt its savings in terms of heating costs. As we all know, energy costs are expected to soar in the very short term. With a geothermal system, my savings will increase rather than my energy bill.

It is for these reasons that I chose geothermal energy, and I do believe that it is the source of energy of the future.

Claude Philippe, President
Réfrigération Gas Centre-Ville Ltée
Geothermal Energy Systems, Gatineau - Ottawa - Chelsea - Cantley - Laurentides
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